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A new model of thermal transfer printer from Novexx - the XLP506, will be available from 01.10.2017.  It is a printer with flat print head with ability to print widths up to 168mm. The printer is…
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Self-adhesive and non adhesive labels

Self-adhesive and non adhesive labels are supplied in two basic types, rolls or sheets, depending on the purpose of use. Labels on rolls and sheets could be from blank logistics to full graphics labels suitable for direct aplication on product or to be overprinted by different type of printing technology (thermal transfer, laser printing, ink jet). Main group of supplied labels are logistic labels with different type of materials and surfaces: Matt, Semigloss, Gloss, Thermal labels.

Our company also supplies many different types of labels for special purpose (radiant, polyprophylen, polyethylen, alluminium and others).With self-adhesive labels is very important to choose the right material from which the label will be made and the suitable type of adhesive needs to be chosen for correct aplication. Main types of adhesives used:

  • Standart adhesion
  • Strong adhesion
  • Non permanent adhesion
  • Strong adhesion
  • Special aplications for cold, frozen and hot products and other special adhesives

Self-adhesive and non adhesive labels in rolls are standartly supplied on paper core in diameter 40 mm or 76 mm on which the labels are winded.
Sizes of selfadhesive labels are specified in order a x b  in (mm)
(a - label width, b - label hight, m - label gap, c - width of silicon carrier)

1.) size of label                       2.) double production

Size of label       Double production

For good quality of printing on labels by thermaltransfer technology is important to choose the right type of thermaltransfer ribbon, where ribbon must be 2mm wider than silicon carrier of labels so that you can protect the print head. Please contact us in case you are interested in price offer for thermaltransfer ribbons.

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