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Print labels

Print labels


The most commonly used are rectangular or square shapes on address labels, labeling, marking texts and languages for different importers. We offer wide range of standard sizes that are used in our market, but not a problem to produce special shapes based on individual customer requirements. We also print labels in vibrant colors radiant in 4 shades, which are used for various events. Another advantage is that print labels using a color printer you can print labels in full color and graphical form. They are available in a standard pack of 100 A4 sheets per package or 1,000 A4 sheets in industrial packaging.

Area of application:

  • Logistics and distribution labels
  • Address Labels
  • Identification of products
  • Office labeling
  • Labeling a CD, DVD

The most commonly used materials:

  • White matt
  • Radiant / bright / red, orange, green, yellow


  • Permanent resistant to high temperatures

The final product:

  • sheet of A4
  • Pack of 100 sheets of A4
  • Industrial packaging 1000 sheets of A4

In case of your interest for price offer of this product, please contact us.


We offer labels in following dimensions:

  • 210mm x 297mm
  • 210mm x 146,5mm
  • 210mm x 148mm
  • 210mm x 100mm
  • 210mm x 74mm
  • 192mm x 61mm
  • 182mm x 50mm
  • 160mm x 85mm
  • 105mm x 297mm
  • 105mm x 148mm
  • 105mm x 148mm + perforácia
  • 105mm x 74mm
  • 105mm x 70mm
  • 105mm x 57mm
  • 105mm x 48mm
  • 105mm x 42,3mm
  • 105mm x 37mm
  • 105mm x 35mm
  • 100mm x 124mm
  • 100mm x 28mm
  • 98mm x 98mm
  • 96,5mm x 67,7mm
  • 93mm x 98,669mm
  • 78,7mm x 139,7mm
  • 70mm x 297mm
  • 70mm x 74mm
  • 70mm x 67,7mm
  • 70mm x 50,8mm
  • 70mm x 42,3mm
  • 70mm x 37mm
  • 70mm x 36mm
  • 70mm x 29,6mm
  • 70mm x 25,4mm
  • 70mm x 20mm
  • 69,33mm x 31mm
  • 68mm x 36mm
  • 66mm x 70mm
  • 66mm x 40mm
  • 66mm x 33,8mm
  • 64mm x 34mm
  • 64mm x 21mm
  • 63mm x 39,5mm
  • 52mm x 59,2mm
  • 52,5mm x 29,6mm
  • 52,5mm x 21,2mm
  • 52,5mm x 21,2mm
  • 48,5mm x 25,4mm
  • 48,5mm x 25,4mm
  • 48,5mm x 16,9mm
  • 38mm x 21,2mm
  • 33mm x 23,75mm
  • 25,4mm x 10mm
  • 25mm x 25mm
  • Kruh 60mm
  • Kruh 40mm
  • Kruh 8mm
  • CD



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