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Black Friday with Primera !You will get ink cartridges FREE OF CHARGE after the printer´s registration when buying the PRIMERA printers from LX-series from Thursday the 23rd of November 2017 to…
10.08.2017Novexx XLP506
A new model of thermal transfer printer from Novexx - the XLP506, will be available from 01.10.2017.  It is a printer with flat print head with ability to print widths up to 168mm. The printer is…
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Rewinders / Label dispenser

Label rewinders and dispensers are used for better handling labels on roll. They a suitable optional equipment for both thermal transfer printers and special printers. There are several different designs.

Rewinder AG Mini
Rewinder AG Mini
Mini rewinder has an external power supply 115/18 V and an electronic circuit controls all functions. When the roll of labels runs out, stop rewinder…
Rewinder AG Flexi
Rewinder AG Flexi
An external power supply from 220 / 18 Vac with electronic control and possibility to adjust an fluent motor rotation and rewinding regulation. A…
Rewinder AG Jumbo
Rewinder AG Jumbo
A tension arm leads and controles the rewinding speed and also stops rewinding, when the printer stopped the printing. When the label roll into…
Automatic Label Counter: model CE111
Automatic Label Counter: model CE111
Automatic Label Counter Series allows: to count the labels on a roll to rewind and unwind the labels on one machine to rewind the labels onto…