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Return policy for AG Foil s.r.o.

I. Introduction

1. The return policy for AG Foil s.r.o., Veselé pri Piešťanoch 426, 922 08 Veselé, IČO 35023801 (Supplier), together with the General Rules and Guidelines of AG Foil s.r.o. are an inseparable part of every purchase contract or binding order replacing a purchase contract.

2. The return policy states the main rules for buying-selling relations in case of complaints by the customer, or a claim for product/s supplied under the pre-agreed terms and conditions.

3. A warranty of 12 months is given to all products from the date of manufacture stated on the packaging or the date on the delivery note, unless stated otherwise, for example a remark on the invoice or pre-agreed in the contract.

II. The main rules of returns

1. A customer is responsible to check the product at the time of receiving and to confirm the acceptance of it on the delivery note, alternatively on the forwarder´s documentation replacing the delivery note. Any defects, faults or damages (quality, no of items, packaging and so on) of the product must be recorded on the delivery note by the customer (including the date of input, name of person recording the faults and their signature). In some cases, when the product delivered is unsuitable for its intended use, the customer may refuse to accept the delivery. A customer must state the reason for refusal in the delivery documents mentioned above.

2. In case when customer finds a fault with the product after the delivery has been accepted, he is responsible to inform the supplier in writing immediately. He also stores the item in such way that no further damage to the product can occur (as stated in the General rules and guidelines of AG Foil s.r.o.) and the product is available for further inspection by the supplier to aid the claim process.

3. The basic condition is that all faulty items are to be returned in their original outer and individual packaging, with its original labelling (lot number, serial number) for evaluation to the supplier, with all recorded in writing, unless both parties have agreed differently. The customer is to use the supplier’s claims protocol, which can be found at (section „Support“), to record all the information supporting his claim. These are to contain:

a) The company name, the name of contact person
b) Suppliers/ customers item code
c) The name of faulty product
d) Number of faulty products
e) Order number
f) Delivery note number/ suppliers invoice number
g) Factory number / lot number
h) The reason for claim

The supplier has the right not to include in the claim products that were returned without their original ID number and the claim would be therefore not approved.

4. The claim proceedings are begun by the supplier no earlier than on the day he receives all written documentation stating faults and physically receives the product for which the customer wishes to make a claim. He is responsible to inform the customer in the below stated time scales.

5. When evaluating a claim the supplier is acting strictly according to terms agreed in the contract or binding order and the General rules and guidelines of AG Foil s.r.o.. Meanwhile, the technical and technological abilities of chosen technology and the conditions under which the buyer-supplier relations has begun are to be taken into account.

6. Claims against products of which expiry dates (section I. 3.) have passed, or claims where customer did not make the products available for evaluation, or does not assist in the evaluation process, or the production date is not visible, will not be recognized.

III. Claim procedure

1. Customer will inform the supplier about any faults found by telephone and in writing, by sending him the filled Claims protocol according to section II. 3. above.

2. It is the customer´s obligation to agree the form of returning the product or samples with the supplier. The main aim of this agreement is to minimalize the cost of transportation.

3. Customer will assist with the product return or he will ensure to provide samples of the damaged product.

4. Supplier will evaluate the fault and will decide about the eligibility of the claim in the shortest time possible. He will inform the customer in writing.

IV. Unjustified claim

1. In case the supplier finds the claim not to be eligible, he will inform the customer in writing.

2. If the product is already in the supplier’s premises, he will arrange to send it back to the customer. In this case the supplier is allowed to charge the customer for shipping costs.

3. If the product was damaged in transit. (any evident damages should be reported to the courier immediately)

4. If the product has been damaged by unprofessional handling or application, or it has been used in conflict with the recommendation stated in the user guide. (If one exists for that particular product)

5. If the product has been used in conditions which did not match the guidelines and recommendations specified in the user guide. (If one exists for that particular product)

6. If the product has been damaged by natural forces.

7. If the product has been exposed to extreme overload or use in conflict with the guidelines stated in the user guide (If one exists for that particular product)

8. If the product has been damaged by it being connected to power supply that does not match the prescribed norm.

V. Justified claim

1. If after evaluation the supplier finds that the products fault can be removed or fixed, the customer has the right to have the product fixed free of charge in a timescale agreed with the supplier.

2. Irremovable defects

If after evaluation supplier finds that the fault is irremovable, and that the product is not fit for its intended use, the customer has a right for its exchange in timescale arranged with the supplier, or a right to cancel the order/contract.

3. Differences between documentation (invoice, delivery note, dispatch note) and the delivered items.
If the customer finds any difference between the invoice/delivery note/dispatch note and the delivered items (amount or kind), he needs to contact the supplier in writing as soon as possible and he will arrange for amendment immediately.

VI. Processing a claim

1. The customer is informed about the outcome of the claim process by telephone followed by a written confirmation which will include a proposed solution and closure of the claim. In cases where the justified claim has been followed by a corrective or preventative measures, the customer has a right to be informed about them.

2. The supplier informs the customer about the outcome of a claim process within 30 days from receiving the claim protocol and the product for evaluation the latest, unless both parties agreed on a different timescale. The 30 day timescale can be appropriately amended in case the customer does not participate in the claim process or in case of unforeseeable events. The customer must be informed accordingly.

VII. Claim for a product damaged in transit

1. The customer follows instructions mentioned in section II. 1. in the event of product being obviously damaged in transport.

2. The customer gets all possible evidence about the damaged item (photos, the damaged product, packaging and so on) if possible and these are than forwarded to the supplier.

VIII. Order / Contract cancelation

1. The customer, in accordance with the Commercial register act no. 513/1991 has a right to withdraw from the contract latest by 7 days from receiving the goods. If he does, he must return undamaged goods, without any sign of use and wear, in its original packaging to the supplier. After the goods have been returned the supplier is to refund the amount the customer paid for them. Transportation costs are non-refundable.

IX. Final statement

1. This Return policy comes into force on the 1st of January 2016 and is valid for indefinite period. The supplier reserves the right to make any changes or amendments to this document.